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Boy Kill Boy review for Student Direct (University of Manchester student paper)

Boy Kill Boy: Stars And The Sea



Simon Catling

Pick: Do I have to? Promises I guess.

Rating: 3/10

Seriously, who actually listens to Boy Kill Boy? The blurb accompanying this threatens that it’s a record that ‘fans will love, but also one that’s liable to earn them a whole raft of new supporters.’ Sadly upon listening to this it’s likely that the much anticipated raft will most likely be about turning and swimming upstream quicker than you can say “generic indie band”.

A very nagging problem with Boy Kill Boy is that from listening to Stars and the Sea, the signposts leading to their peers and influences are far too obvious; bands who struggle to cut the mustard themselves. The repetitive chorus’s of Kaiser Chiefs? Check; the limited but chart-friendly power chord domination of Maximo Park? In abundance. People began to realise that copycat bands like this were terrible a couple of years ago, thus the world was finally rid of the likes of Larrikin Love, Bromhead’s Jacket and The Others. Please, please let’s consign Boy Kill Boy to the same scrap heap.

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