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Air Cav- Alliance/Branches (Surbia)

Here's a review that sadly didn't make it, I'm not sure why I thought it was rather good. That doesn't give you an excuse not to read it mind. Air Cav are a band who I've liked for a good couple of years now, finally saw them for the first time in December. They're playing the Roadhouse in Manchester this Friday in support of this, their debut single. And it's great. So get it.

"Air Cav- Alliance/Branches (Surbia)

After what feels like an age drifting about their local scene, Manchester four piece Air Cav have finally and deservedly been snapped up on a record deal by Indie label Surbia. It’s been almost two years since the demos of A Call To Arms and Aurora made small waves around the North West, but if your under the impression that the quartet have been idle you couldn’t be more wrong.

For Air Cav have spent most of the past couple of years building up a solid foundation of support from where it matters most: their home town. This is no bad thing, having seen peers such as Fear Of Music seduced by the bright lights and “promised” big money of our fair capital city to little return; the choice to remain resolutely in what continues to remain a thriving music scene up North seems wise. A well received show in the city’s massive industry convention In The City last Autumn boded well for them as did a rapturously received performance across the waters in the packed La Fleche D’Or bar in Paris. What’s come next should come as no surprise, yet delightfully surpasses all expectations nonetheless.

Simply put, Alliance fizzes. It’s raw and rough sure, but from the first murky, driving chords of guitar the listener is hooked, and hooked with an inanely stupid grin on their face at that. With an energy that manages to convey both wide expanse and cautious optimism, the vocals and violin compliment each other delightfully with a determination that overcomes their fragility; then the chorus roars in and one can almost foresee the serious amount of po-going that should take place over the coming months to it. Mid-way through, the song instrumentally meanders off into a daydream of sprawling guitar and reverb evoking perhaps My Bloody Valentine or Ride, yet with a bass line that stoically prevents it from drifting too far into the clouds, before the verse returns and the whole piece rattles towards a rousing finish; part folk, part shoegaze and wholly exhilarating.

The second track from this single is a fine one too; Branches owes a lot to the likes of Arcade Fire and Annuals with its rumbling drums and calling vocals intro, before a simple but driving 4/4 drumbeat and gentle violin lead into hushed vocals and a gradual build-up that Canada’s finest would definitely not sniff at. Less confident and emotionally gripping than Alliance; Branches still hints at a band still at times grappling slightly with their identity but shows fantastic potential nonetheless.

This winter there has, as ever, been a slew of new names thrown around by music critics as future stars of this year and Air Cav haven’t been one of them. As their debut offering attests however, bubbling under the radar seems to have been suiting them down to a tee and with a strong support at their base already, be sure to expect this band soar over the coming year.

Rating: 4/5

For more info on the release and tour dates visit: http://www.myspace.com/aircavmusic"

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