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Podcasts and Press Releases

Just a couple of bits and bobs to explain here:
Somewhat amusingly my Podcast is now on iTunes so you can go on there to subscribe to it if you so wish, they must allow any old tat on there. Just have a look for Jarock on the iTunes store search engine, I'm sure there's a site URL but I'm not sure what it is to be honest! You can also go the old skool way and hit this Switchpod link and subscribe from there...again, if you so wish...Apparently people have been downloading it rather scarily, so for those 22 that have thank you very much! And spread the word, hopefully it'll get better.

Just to remind y'all as well the podcast's getting updated every Wednesday whilst all my corridor are out having a jolly good time at the AU social in M2 (a terrible, terrible night) and I'm stuck on my todd.

Other things: There's a comments thing on each of my articles on here so it would appear, so leave me some comments and feedback here why don't you, it'll be lovely to read for sure it will.

I'm not posting up press releases anymore because I'm doing them about 3 times a day, if you'd like to see 'em just go to God Is In The TV and have a look at the latest news. That'll be me.

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