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Glastonbury Headliners 08- Kings Of Leon

If ever I was going to go to my first Glastonbury, this would have been the year to do it; easy to get tickets, nothing much else planned for summer and a stream of people I know who went. Yet I didn't...blame the credit crunch (or at least my credit crunch) and the fact I was seeing Radiohead in London the day before it kicked off. Never mind. Anyway, Kings of Leon didn't impress me much when I saw them at Leeds in 2005, however since then they've released a wonderful 3rd album and if I'm honest I was cringing enviously all the way through this performance by them. They're not great showmen, barely moving about the stage, but the sheer power and immediacy of their songs wins over most crowds. The BBC refused to show their new songs and in fact asked them not to play any (boo the BBC) whilst some other links I've not found yet, but here's the setlist and the videos that are available from the weekend. Enjoy!

'Black Thumbnail'

'Taper Jean Girl'
'My Party'

'King Of The Rodeo'
'Wasted Time'
'Four Kicks'
'Molly's Chambers'
'California Waiting'
'The Bucket'
'On Call'
'Pistol Of Fire'
'Spiral Staircase'
'Knocked Up'

'Slow Night So Long'

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