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Lesson Learnt..

An 'anonymous' commenter has continuously drawn reference to the fact I have my details wrong on the vocalists who perform on Maybeshewill's album. Obviously it's an absolute necessity before you can even write a review to get your facts right and in this case I haven't. Made me realise how dependent writer's can get on the press releases that are sent their way with a new release; I reviewed Maybeshewill after buying it so I had to find out all the blurb myself, clearly the source I found it from was incorrect which as the delightfully succinct 'mr anonymous' puts makes it a 'poorly informed review'. Lesson learnt and in future I'll be making sure I get all my facts right before getting my review down!

To make up for this, here's a couple of tunes for downloading. First is from the aforementioned Maybeshewill album; the title track of the album Not For Want Of Trying- a truly spine tingling track that features a brilliant exert from the film Network, starring Peter Finch.
Maybeshewill - Not For The Want Of Trying

The second song I'm giving to you is by a band who I only heard about and saw for the first time yesterday at the excellent Bradford Music Week mini-festival The Hop. A full review will be up at some point hopefully, but in possession a lead singer who was utterly captivating, the four piece played a half hour set that contained ethereal guitars and mournful vocals yet with a percussional urge that stopped it from wallowing entirely in the depths of emotion. Brilliant stuff, although this demo doesn't really do the live performance justice it's still a fine recording.

The Debuts- White Lies


Coming up in the next few days...a new Angry Teenager, a feature on Jacob Golden, live reviews of Bradford Music Week and Maps Festival..Thanks for reading!


saam khi said...

Speaking of errors, your email link in the contact section is apocalytic_clown@etc which I believe is missing the p. I think actually clicking on it works but I don't use outlook or whatever so you missed out on an invitation to do a guest blog piece for me. Which is my fault too but I suggest you add the missing letter anyway.

Jarock said...

oh balls, I really need to get my act together. Thanks for pointing it out mate, if any other opportunities come up on your blog let me know!