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Glastonbury Headliners- Radiohead '03 vs. Muse '04

All the talk over the weekend has been about Jay Z's supposed jaw dropping performance on Saturday night at Glastonbury, which to be fair is a description not too embellished. The Brooklyn rapper's decision to come on performing Wonderwall with the quotes of a scorning Noel Gallagher in his ears was an inspired one and set the tone for a set that seemingly had the crowd in the palm of his hand. Some have even said it was one of the best Glastonbury headlining performances ever. Having watched the following two sets (although I'll admit being must be an entirely different kettle of fish), I can't see beyond Radiohead and Muse when it comes down to the greatest Pyramid headline set this millenium (and that includes David Bowie in 2000). Splitting Muse and Radiohead however is a task I can't do. Radiohead in 2003 returned to headline the stage for a second time and in a complete volte face from their rapturously received 1997 OK Computer dominated set, lurked into the deepest darkest corners of their back catalogue to provide a chilling and intense main show that...was once again received rapturously.

Muse on the other hand headlined for the first time ever and the talk before was that they weren't a big enough act to be given such a slot. However the Teignmouth trio blew these mumblings out of the water with an awe-inspiring metal show that suddenly made the gigantic Pyramid Stage seem small and homely as it struggled to contain their massive side. Stockholm Syndrome and it's five minute outro was the icing on the cake to close a show that people will be talking about in years to come. Which one was better though? I have no idea; however you can watch both below (gathered from accumulated Youtube videos- all decent copy, BBC/DVD rips) and decide for yourself.

Radiohead- Glastonbury 28/06/03
There There
The National Anthem
Talk Show Host
Where I End And You Begin
Climbing Up The Walls
The Gloaming
No Surprises
Fake Plastic Trees
Sit Down Stand Up
Go To Sleep
Sail To The Moon
Paranoid Android
Everything In Its Right Place
Karma Police
Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Muse- Live at Glastonbury 27/06/04
01. Hysteria
02. New Born
03. Sing For Absolution
04. Muscle Museum
05. Citizen Erased
06. Piano Interlude

07. Apocalype Please
08. Ruled By Secrecy
09. Riff + Sunburn (piano)
10. Butterflies and Hurricanes
11. Riff Heartbreaker (Led Zep) + Bliss
12. Time Is Running Out
13. Plug In Baby
14. Blackout
15. Stockholm Syndrome + Outro

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