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Yaaaaay, more free downloads on this blog

Yes, for whilst my podcast is on an indefinite hiatus, I've decided to offer at least something for you chaps to take away with you as reward for courageously forcing yourself to read through over zealous review after over zealous review. Basically, where possible, I've gone back through most of the reviews that are on this blog already and added a track by each band featured for either streaming and/or downloading! This is a trend I'm going to continue (as well as scouring for Free EPs, Albums and whatnot that bands and artists are throwing up on the internet). So dig in!

Talking of which, a band I reviewed a couple of months ago called, A Word Like Attack, have made their debut EP available for free on their Myspace (in fact they did this quite some time ago). The tracklisting runs as thus:

A.Word.Like.Attack - Everyday I Start Running
Chapter I: Thursday Morning
Chapter II: The Detective
Chapter III: They Will Hunt Us Down Like Dogs
Chapter IV: The Guilty Don't Stand Still

You can download this EP from www.myspace.com/awordlikeattack

In other news, I got pretty bored this afternoon and decided to concoct up a muxtape. Muxtape is a wonderful idea that will hopefully become even more so once they allow you to upload .m4a's and get more bandwidth. Anyway, I've included 11 tracks for your listening pleasure, no real theme, just songs that go together before twisting off on a noise-rock tangent towards the end..

Listen at http://jarock87.muxtape.com

As ever, thanks for those who read this.

new EP 'Ships That Hung In The Sky' is available from the band's Myspace


Mike said...

Nice Mix! If you like muxtape, you also may want to check out mixwit. awesome tape skins, no uploads and you can embed on your blog.


Anonymous said...

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