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The Crimea- Secrets Of The Witching Hour

The Crimea- Secrets Of The Witching Hour
1. Several Thousand Years Of Talking Nonsense
2. All Conquering
3. The 48A Waiting Steps
4. Raining Planets
5. Man
6. Bombay Sapphire Coma
7. Don't Close Your Eyes On Me
8. Loop A Loop
9. Light Brigade
10. Requiem Aeternam
11. Wierd

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A good few months before Radiohead caused a hullabaloo with In Rainbows, another English band went against the grain by throwing out their album for free. With a lead singer with a style reminiscent of Billy Corgan and a nocturnal fantastical touch to their music, The Crimea aren't the most commercial of acts and sadly despite the free download their profile increased little. A very good album it is however, and the band are finally enjoying some recognition as Loop A Loop is currently appearing on a National Tv ad for chewing gum. Hurrah! If you're not sure whether you want to download, have a listen to a couple of the tracks below. At the end of the day though, its free!

The 48A Waiting Steps (2007)


Loop A Loop (2007)


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