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Levellers single review in Student Direct

Well I entered Manchester University's student newspaper with a whimper rather than a bang this week. A MIGHTY 65 (count 'em) word review on lovable ageing hippies Levellers new double A-side. The word limits are ridiculously tight in the Music section but I guess this makes good practise trying to fit into a word limit because on the internet there are no restrictions and therefore the temptation to wonder off for hundreds and hundreds of words becomes very strong indeed.

In better news, I received an absolute plethora of promo CDs from God Is In The TV to review this week and most of them are damn excellent- very excited about Neon Neon and Youth Movies albums. It's going to make Wednesday's podcast an absolute treat (I must confess I was becoming a bit at loss as to what to play). Until next time!

Levellers- A Life Less Ordinary/Cholera Well

(On The Fiddle Recordings)

Simon Catling


Once upon a time the Levellers were big. No, seriously they were, Glastonbury ’94 anyone? No? Twenty years since their debut album Mark Chapman and co. rattle on with another pair of call-to-arms protest anthems. Whilst remaining excellent live, this, like all their recent releases, is Levellers by numbers and thus will no doubt be subjected to much scorn- which is a real shame.

Levellers- A Life Less Ordinary"

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