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Older stuff...part 2

December saw the debut of a certain Singles Monkey at Play Pause Stop. Delightfully, during a meeting last week, one of PPS's more "colourful" writers took a great exception to the Singles Monkey which has delighted me no end. The Singles Monkey is only ever meant to be an embellished release listings. Yes, I do listen to every song I mention, normally on their Myspace, and this allows me to give a good FIRST IMPRESSION of the song. However, the main goal is to get a few cheap laughs and for it not to be taken seriously. Rather wonderfully the person in question let this rather simple point fly way over his head providing me with great joy.


A band who I often prattle on about, not just because I'm on good terms with a couple of them, well partly admittedly, but I was a fan before I was a friend I promise, Fear Of Music were published in December's PlayPauseStop with a profile of the band. Hopefully their album (recorded last SUMMER) will be out by the end of this year...a band who don't believe in rushing things...



A rather rushed live review of 65 Days Of Static also made it into this edition. Not my best, but my god it really WAS that good; and the good news is, they're back next month. I'll be there and that's a stone cold fact.



And finally, a little piece on my favourite album of the year from 2007. Pleasingly everyone on the staff had a different album in mind for their choice of the year which showed what a diverse bunch we are at PPS. Some folk who know me may be surprised at my choice.

During this brief lull in updating I'd like to thank everyone whose read this page and has uploaded the first two podcasts. The first one in particular was a big success, reaching over 90 downloads. The latest one's lagging behind a bit on about 40 but it's still a hell of a lot more than I thought, so I'd like to thank all those downloading. I'd love it if folk started contributing comments and emails on this site, I know there's people who read this so come on, make yourself known, it'd be nice to hear from you whether you have nice OR nasty things to say. Anyway, new podcast on Wednesday and with Youth Movies new album sent me way today as well as an Angry Teenager to catch up on there should be plenty of action on here over the next few days!

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