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'The Whip- Trash' review on Audioscribbler


The Whip: Trash


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Simon Jay Catling

We all know who The Whip are by now right? The Manchester-based electro-pop band have been making (new) waves for almost a year now, culminating last year in a successful slot on one of Manchester’s infamous Warehouse Project bills. Things are rapidly gaining momentum for the four piece this year as well with a headlining tour to come in May and new album X Marks Destination also on the way. Preceding all of this is a single release of one of their most established live favourites- Trash.

The Whip are a band who wear their influences on their sleeves and so the electro-grooves of both Simian Mobile Disco et al. are extremely prominent here. Where the band manages to add their own imprint onto the genre however is by taking said filthy electro beats and adding very sneering, sleazy rock rawness over the top of it. There’s no other way to describe it, it’s very Manchester. When vocalist Danny Saville sneers ‘I wanna be trash’ as the song goes into its overdriven, bit shaking chorus, you can picture a million seedy, dark nightclubs reverberating to this the country over. The Whip aren’t necessarily doing anything new and this is by far their strongest track to be released thus far, but in terms of the here and now they fit in very nicely indeed. Time will tell whether they don’t come unstuck.

The Whip- Trash

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