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Time. Space. Repeat.- The Early Transmissions Of Time

Time. Space. Repeat.- The Early Transmissions Of Time
1. Joy
2. Hush
3. And The Ghost Of A Thousands Dolphins Hangs In The Air
4. Blues Skies And Rain
5. Future Song
6. Meditation No. 1
7. Blue Sky
8. Notting Hill
9. The Fear
10. World Awake


Time. Space. Repeat are a London shoegaze band who cite a wide range of influences throughout literature and music. They write the kind of atmospheric and epic soundscapes that seem to be getting lost amongst the endless slew of nu-ravers, lad rockers and electro clashers carting their wares around our fair British Isles these days. The album The Early Transmissions Of Time was made available for free back in 2006 and is a stunning album of soaring highs and bleak lows. The download link will take you to a rapidshare link. Below you can listen to and download two singles that the band made available for free: No Laces and The End Of The World (included as the opening track on Jarock Weekly Podcast 4). For more information on the band visit the Myspace link at the bottom of the page.

The End Of The World (2007)


No Laces (2007)


Time.Space.Repeat's MYSPACE

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